LBSCI 737 – Week 6 (3/9) – Post 1


From the list of blogs provided for this week, the two that I find to be the most useful are From the Mixed Up Files and Fuse #8 Production.

The first blog has been in existence since 2010 and is made up of about 30 reviewers. Where most blogs are written and maintained by one person, giving you only one point of view, this one provides many points of views. It is updated regularly, has different sections for parents, teachers/librarians, and writers, and has book lists. It is also focused on middle grade books, which I find to be a difficult age to do readers advisory for. There is such a big focus on picture books and YA books that middle grade books get left behind. Middle school is crucial for reading, it’s typically when students start to fall off the wagon, if they’re not engaged.

The second blog is featured on the School Library Journal website, making it a credible resource. It does not reflect the opinions of SLJ, but to be featured on there means it must be reliable. Unlike other blogs that are made up of almost entirely text, there are a lot of images and ads featured on the webpage. It is updated regularly, about once per week, and focuses mostly on picture books and books for elementary school children. The blogger also features a list of other blogs that she reads and follows, as well as other online sources for teachers/librarians.

Three blogs that fellow classmates chose to highlight that I also found to be good blogs to reference are Great Kid Books chosen by Amanda P,  The Nonfiction Detectives chosen by Eileen, and The O.W.L chosen by Marlene.

Great Kid Books is very visually appealing and covers books for ages 2 through young adult. There are images accompanying every post. There’s a side bar that allows you to search for books by age group, type of book, and by award.

The Nonfiction Detectives is great because many of the blogs primarily review fiction. Nonfiction is a big part of the school curriculum with the CCSS. It is also a visually appealing site, and images accompany every post.

The O.W.L (Outrageously Wonderful Literature for elementary, middle grade, and young adult) is nice because, like Great Kid Books, it covers a wide range of ages. Again, it is visually appealing, and easy to navigate thanks to the different headers at the top of the page (i.e. Reviews A-L, M-Z, YA). The one flaw I found, is that the webpage is very wide, so it made scrolling a bit difficult, not everything fit in one frame.


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